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(picking 471) Amazing bypass techniques on padlocks shown - open locks in seconds without key

What thieves / criminals already know: Low and medium security padlocks often have flaws that make it very easy to open them with simple tools. These techniques are called bypass methods and will open the lock in seconds leaving no traces of the unauthorized access. The lock can be locked up again as if nothing has happened. The tools are simple and easy to use. Draw your own conclusions from this video and why lock manufacturer do not take action to fix the problems. But also have fun to watch these methods working on commonly used padlocks as the result is quite amazing.
The locks used in this video are:
- Abus 72/40: bypassed with the Abus ByPass Driver by Sparrows (this abus 72/40 bypass was most disturbing for me)
- Burg Wächter c-line: opened with shims by Sparrows (shimming is perhaps the most successful bypass technique on medium quality locks)
- Two Chinese padlocks: opened with a knife by Peterson (less common, only on very cheap locks)
Potti314 : Just recently my attention was drawn to padlock bypass techniques. It makes me sad and angry how commonly used padlocks are susceptible to simple attacks, like shimming or core bypassing with a hook. I couldn’t believe that “quality” manufacturer like Abus, Burg Wächter and alike ignore these problems and still produce locks with these flaws.
To see my beloved Abus 72/40 easily bypassed with a simple hook was most disturbingly for me. Also that Abus does not offer these anti-bypass plates is a shame. I contacted ABUS about it but the correspondence is still ongoing. I will post the final result of the conversation on twitter
I believe that it all comes down to the lock companies profit by preserving their manufacturing processes, saving as much money on components as possible and just ignoring problems.
Tallan Pick : Very interesting techniques my friend, another great vid to add to my favorites, thanks for sharing ;o))
Iyeet Security : I'm a man of many hobbies/interests, and one of them is gaming. Bypassing/picking locks reminds me of hacking game consoles in that the manufacturer touts their products impervious but then the community always finds a way to prove them wrong. It's a fun, endless cat and mouse game.
Don'z Lockz : Very good explanation on the Potti Engineering Channel!The only thing I have to mention is the way you pronounce ball bearing to ball bearian. I think I've heard it before & made me giggle. Keep up the good work my friend.
John Mccormick : Very good info !!!
Thanks for sharing this video

Stealing Web Session Cookies to Bypass MFA (Credential Access)

In this video we'll be exploring how to attack, detect and defend against the theft of session cookies. A session token acts like a temporary password, meaning this technique can be used by an attacker to gain access to applications by bypassing the logon process altogether - including any multi-factor authentication steps.

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Further reading/watching:
Mitre ATT\u0026CK on Stealing Web Session Cookies:

Audio Credits (licensed under CC0):
Intro/Outro Music by Flavio Concini (
Transition audio: "Ethereal Woosh" by Newagesoup (

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0:00 Intro
1:43 Attack
3:38 Detect
6:08 Defend
PAVAN SRIVATSAV AKULA : Andy, Thanks a lot for making this video. The detailed explanation helped me understand more clearly. The idea of Attack, detect, defend is extraordinary. This is how we need to learn the security concepts(3D view). Please make more videos, you will soon reach good heights. All the best!!✌
Rafael Bernardes : This video will help me test a two-factor authentication system for accessing servers and network equipment in an environment, thank you very much.
Muralimohan : Great content.
Please do more videos in this series.
Aman Aggarwal : Hi Andy , Do we have something to store the physical address of machine? That can solve our issue as IP is a dynamic thing and can hackers can clone the IP or mac address too??
Alberto Barbieri : Great video :D Would be better If u explained the attack a bit more :(

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