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"The ULTIMATE Triumph." - PETROLEUM by Max Lukian

Learn it now:
James Wise Magic : This dude needs to go into voice acting!
Michael Henderson : definitely buying it looks insanely clean and im extremely excited for the oil and water dang
Вадим Степнов : Crazy stuff
Deeve Sid Phillips : Me on the first seconds of the video: Why is it called the Petroleum?

Me halfway through the video: Ohhh! That's smooth. Like a petroleum.
Ellusionist505 : Purchased this and I love it

UNBELIEVALOPE 2.0 - "The ULTIMATE envelope prediction."

Multiple random spectators name anything - destinations, activities, numbers - and everything is revealed in a prediction that’s been visible the entire time. Learn it now!
PrincetheMack : He had me when he said “opener”‼️
Emerson Rodrigues : Beautiful! A real worker product!
Chan The Magic Man : Unbelievable!
rowelle : Online shows or in front of thousands. So is this not recommended for street/close up?
theory11 : Yes yes!

CYBER Digital Magic Kit - "the HOLY grail of phone magic"

Created by Worm in collaboration with theory11. A digital magic kit with incredible technology enabling you to perform insane magic with nothing but your iPhone and your spectator’s mind.

Imagine walking up to a total stranger and being able to extract THEIR phone number from THEIR mind. Imagine being able to send secret text predictions to a person that you’ve NEVER met before.
Wicked Widget : man so amazing I will definitely order it as soon as I get my bills caught up. I so love theory 11 so glad I found them...
David Andre Sand : Does it work in any region or just in the US?
Jonathan Sabov : Does the app work for non-IOS devices, like Android phones?
DePINGPONGguru : Any uncut vids or full performance?
Jan Bleuer : Gonna get this when it's available for android!




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